The sink was leaking & the A/C wasn't cooling

I have had one problem after another with this old house & I am ready to give it back to the original owner, then i bought the house for a fantastic price, because the place needed lots of repairs, but the previous owner was old & retired & she could not care for the place.

It was way too huge without any help.

The yard was overgrown with bushes, weeds, & dead vines everywhere. The roof had more than one major holes that were leaking rain into the family room & the family room. The flooring in those rooms was warped beyond any repair. I decided to upgrade the flooring with radiant heat. That project took weeks to complete. I had to hire a heating company to help with the radiant flooring replacement… All of the tubes & heating parts had to be installed before the new flooring. I was more than two days behind schedule on the radiant flooring install & I had to spend money the company even if she wasn’t toiling. I genuinely do not mind making repairs, despite the fact that I seem to be encountering one problem after another. The moment I service something, another thing breaks. As soon as I repaired the floors & finished with the radiant heating, the family room sink started leaking. I woke up in the afternoon & I found a puddle of water in the middle of the family room. Thankfully, the family room sink leak is one problem that I did not need a company to tackle. I can’t wait for the whole house to be finished so I can finally transport to the property & get out of the city.


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