The numerous HVAC house

I am in the process of buying our forever home.

I hate touring unusual houses in the town, no matter what, there is going to be a feature that I hate about it.

The a single beach house I toured I just loved it, most of it at least. It had a gorgeous home office with hardwood floors and ceiling to floor glass windows. It made the room look so open, airy and spacious. There was a lunch bar set up that led right into the kitchen. I could cook in the kitchen while talking to someone in the home office. I wanted it so bad. After touring the outside of it though, I had to pass. The outside grass was a nice size and well taken care of. The drawback was that there were numerous HVAC units. I knew a laundry room and another bathroom were added later. The a single HVAC proposal was for that. That means that many other heating and cooling machines were there before. Why so multiple HVAC systems for a not sizable house? I guess there was something really wrong with it. I guess the numerous HVAC systems were necessary to maintain a particular temperature. I nixed the beach house because I didn’t want to mess around with repairs and service for numerous machines. One HVAC machine is kind of frustrating. You need to change air filters, wipe out the inside and call for yearly service. Having that same task times numerous would have been horrible. I do guess about that beach house from time to time. I just loved that home office.

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