She Installed Window A/C Units

Being a property owner sounds adore such an easy task, people sign a contract to live in the spaces you deliver & then you collect currency each month.

While this is partially true, it’s only part of what I do.

I’m also responsible for responding to our occupants & making sure everything in the rental properties are working properly & keeping an eye on their behavior. For the most part, I’ve never rented to anyone crazy. There are some people that don’t quite understand that they’re renting though, & they make swings to the properties thinking that they own the site. Before our occupants are allowed to transport in, I make them sign a contract stating that they can’t change anything structurally & if they make any cosmetic swings, they are responsible for it before moving out. I didn’t regularly do this, but you guess what they say about 1 lady ruining it for everyone. There was a previous occupant who took it upon himself to install window A/C units into many of the windows, even though all of us had central AC. She never complained to myself and others about the temperature of the house, but apparently it wasn’t good enough. window A/C units aren’t terribly luxurious, but they don’t look as nice & they take a lot of electricity. I didn’t say anything about the A/C units because I knew they could be taken down, although she never took them down when she left. I tried reaching out to him about coming & getting them, although she never answered our calls. Now I’m left with many window A/C units that I don’t want.
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