He kept adjusting our settings

My guy plus I at first thought our lake house had zone control; There were multiple thermostats that the multiple of us kept setting.

The living room plus kitchen kept adjusting no matter what setting the two of us put it at, and my guy wanted AC plus I wanted heating.

The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C machine kept ignoring a single of us; So what was the problem? We don’t have zone control plus our guy was adjusting all our settings. So, here I am. I have the answer to the dilemma about what to do. Lots of ideas crossed our mind like; buy a mini split with locks plus cover all the thermostats in the house, get an automated thermostat, get rid of the up-to-date a single plus get a simple a single, passcode it if a single can, split his fingers off, (haaaa ok nooooo that won’t work), get an air conditioning business out to check it as to confirm it’s not broken plus that the two of us are canceling each other out (he will listen to him or her), or just keep on doing what the two of us have been doing (wasting currency plus time). As you guessed a few of those ideas are a plain no go plus communicating with him seemed to be our best bet so I hired a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation plus let the AC business split the news that his partner was helplessly trying to set the switch to run automatically. He still sets the governor on impromptu to willy nilly haphazard I need it now temps. I guess I may as well provide up, however ahhh married life plus trying to keep it/my cool. 🙂

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