I was super chilly while getting a haircut

I am not ecstatic with the new locale I went to get our hair cut… The locale I usually use was all booked up for many days, but my sibling is getting married on Tuesday so I had to look nice! I really should have made an appointment at our preferred hair locale although I forgot.

That is why I ended up having to try this new locale. The first thing I observed when I walked through the door was that it was chilly chilly in the building. I was literally huging myself to try to warm up. The cooling system just kept blasting away. I had to wait over a half minute after our appointment time. Then, they washed our hair and the water they used was ice cold. After that I was irritated. I had wet hair and the cooling system was blowing right down our neck. The haircut wasn’t exactly what I wanted although I was too chilly to stay around and make them service it. Instead, I decided to just live with it. I wanted nothing more than to go home and warm up a bit, however yes, the cooling system is on in our beach house too however it is set to a sensible temperature. It isn’t set to arctic conditions, and even still, I used our iphone to adjust the smart control machine before heading home. I wanted the beach house to be just a little bit warmer than official so that I could thaw out a little bit. After all, I still had a lot to get done that afternoon in preparation for the ceremony.



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