My old friend has quite a resume

I knew a girl named Joann in private school.

The two of us weren’t best friends, but we knew each other a little bit! Joann hung out with the jocks plus the activities ladies plus I hung out with the band geeks.

The two of us met up again when both of us applied to the Heating plus A/C technical program. The technical program was basically every night at the private school plus it took multiple weeks to finally finish the course… I saw her on the day that I signed up for the class plus we were both accepted to the program. Joann plus I found out that we had a lot of things in common plus we became entirely nice friends. When the technical program was eventually finished, I accepted a task close to my household. Joann accepted a task approximately 2 hours away. She moved out of the neighborhood plus I did not see the girl for another few years. When she made the choice to transfer back to town, she gave me a call. She wanted to know exactly where I was working plus she asked me if I could help her get a task working for the same Heating plus A/C device business. I told Joann to send me her resume. The girl was entirely busy during the past many years plus she had an entirely impressive resume. I was aware that my boss would offer the girl a task, and sure enough, a couple of days later, Joann called with an update on the task search. My boss gave the girl a task working in our commercial Heating plus A/C device service plus replacement division. Joann had a good deal of commercial experience plus she would be a wonderful asset to the team.


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