The air purifier was broken and no one knew how it happened

Almost all restaurants, businesses, and social establishments have air purifiers filtering the indoor air to help fight against the covid-19 virus. I work for a company that services these air purifiers. 80% of the machines that you see are rental units. Industrial air purifiers are very expensive and most companies can’t afford to spend that kind of money when times are already tough and lean. I spend all day on Wednesday and Friday servicing the air purifiers that we have in local businesses. On Wednesday I went to the grocery store. They have an air purifier at the front of the store, one in the break room, and one in the business office. I serviced all three units and everything was working well. On Friday, the air purifier in the break room was broken and it wasn’t working at all. No one had any idea how it happened. I asked a lot of people in the building, because the air purifier had major damage. It looked like someone kicked it with a steel boot or dropped it down the stairs. There is absolutely no way that the air purifier could have sustained the damage without a major disaster. I tried to get an answer, but everyone was tight-lipped. I told the manager that we were going to charge them for the damage and I replaced the air purifier with a different machine. It’s probably going to be 4 or $500 to repair the damage that occurred. If the manager knows what happened, he better get someone to reimburse him for the damages.

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