My HVAC friend is always bragging to everybody when he helps people out

I have a buddy who is a really nice guy, but he loves to brag about all the things he does.

I feel in a way, it kind of negates the good deeds he does when he is telling everybody around all the good he has done and makes it sound like people couldn’t get by without him.

He is an HVAC technician and he is a very talented one. He has helped out most of his friends and family when it comes to working on our HVAC systems and installing certain HVAC components. He helped me out this past spring by getting me a cooling system tune-up and he even cleaned out my ductwork system. I was going to pay him for his services, but he insisted that I owed him nothing. Of course later on he was bragging to everybody how he helped me out when I was struggling financially. The thing is, I wasn’t struggling financially and I had to set the record straight to my buddies. It’s not so terrible that he brags I guess, but I don’t like it when he makes stuff up, it makes me look bad. I was ready to pay him full price for his services and if he offered a discount, that would have been cool. I didn’t expect for him to do everything for free! It was nice at the time but I didn’t like the way it made me feel when he said I was struggling financially. Other buddies of mine have felt the same way when he brags about helping. I think we all might have to have an intervention with our HVAC buddy.

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