I think the air filtration adapter will help the indoor air

I wasn’t very worried about the coronavirus until two of my coworkers got sick.

Then I started to worry a lot and I became very anxious.

I told my husband that I wanted an air filtration machine for our home. My husband thought I was being paranoid and he told me that we were being safe and taking good precautions. I still wanted an air purifier, so I called a company that specializes in indoor air solutions and ventilation equipment. I had them come give me a free estimate while my husband was at work. I knew he would complain if I called them on a Saturday or a Sunday. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have them take a look at my house since the estimate was 100% free with no obligation. The indoor air solutions company specialist told me that he could add a special adapter to our HVAC units. The adapter uses UV light to kill harmful germs and viruses that passed through the HVAC system. The adapter was expensive but very easy to install. I was going to wait until my husband got home so the two of us could discuss the air filtration equipment, but the salesperson gave me an amazing deal on the installation charges. I decided to have the work done before my husband even got home from work. He was pretty upset when he got home and realized that I spent a chunk of money without discussing it first, but he was really happy about the air filtration product. Both of us are hopeful that it will keep our family safe.


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