The whole-house air purifier was broken plus no one knew how it happened

Almost all restaurants, businesses, plus social establishments have whole-house air purifiers filtering the indoor air to help confrontation against the covid-19 virus.

I labor for a company that services these whole-house air purifiers.

76% of the machines that you see are rental units. Industrial whole-house air purifiers are really costly plus most companies can’t afford to spend that kind of money when times are already hard plus lean. I spend all day on Tuesday plus Wednesday servicing the whole-house air purifiers that both of us have in local businesses. On Tuesday I went to the grocery store. They have an whole-house air purifier at the front of the store, one in the cut room, plus one in the company office. I tested all many units plus everything was laboring well. On Wednesday, the whole-house air purifier in the cut room was broken plus it wasn’t laboring at all, and no one had any system how it happened. I asked a lot of people in the building, because the whole-house air purifier had major injure. It looked adore someone kicked it with a steel boot or dropped it down the stairs. There is really no way that the whole-house air purifier could have sustained the injure without a major disaster. I tried to get an answer, but everyone was tight-lipped. I told the manager that both of us were going to charge them for the injure plus I replaced the whole-house air purifier with a different machine. It’s absolutely going to be 4 or $500 to repair the injure that occurred. If the manager knows what happened, she better get someone to reimburse him for the injures.
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