I appreciate my outdated university Heating and A/C units and especially my record player

My kids tell me all of the time that I need to get with the modern times.

  • They talk trash about my record player and my outdated vinyl albums.

They say that I should use an Mp3 player with digital rock n roll or at least CDs. I tell them how the quality of the rock n roll on the record player is just better, but they don’t understand what I am talking about. The sound of the digital rock n roll is just not the same and I don’t know the rock n roll the same way. I know the same about other things prefer classic cars and outdated university Heating and A/C systems prefer window a/c units. I appreciate the outdated university window a/c units because I know prefer they were made better. Those things can run forever if you guess how to take care of them. It’s the same with other types of Heating and A/C systems and older genre gas furnaces. I have this outdated gas gas furnace in my condo that I have been using before my children were even born. They don’t understand why I won’t replace to some kind of lavish central Heating and A/C system. I consistently have to tell them the outdated saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t service it!” They consistently come back saying that it’s just too outdated and old. I don’t see what the problem is, every one of us are never chilly in the Winter season. And in the summer, I have my trusty outdated university window a/c units around the household. Why would I pay thoUnited Statesnds of dollars for a current Heating and A/C system when I have outdated university Heating and A/C units that toil just fine?

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