Hooked on the internet and modern day technology

I thought it was absurd the other day when my mother said that I was addicted to the internet and different kinds of modern technology, i thought that was non-sense, but then she challenged me and asked me if I could go a week without using the internet or modern technology prefer my smartphone. I thought about it and I realized that my mother was right, I was completely addicted to the internet and modern day technology. For starters, going without the internet was crazy to me; There was a time when I knew nothing about the internet because it wasn’t available to civilians. It eventually grew into a major thing that everybody was connected to with social media and the like. I can’t even imagine going a day without checking my social media, however as far as modern technology, I’m totally hooked to devices that connect to the wi-fi. I use my smart temperature control all of the time to adjust the temperature control settings with my Heating and A/C system. I can’t even tell you the last time I legitimately went to adjust the temperature control physically without using my iphone to do it. I usually just option up my iphone, get on the smart app and adjust the temperature control settings as needed. It’s such a habit that I don’t even suppose about it when I do this. This goes for most things in my life, I’m just entirely hooked on all technology and I know prefer most people are these days, but even my mother uses the internet for online shopping and things prefer that, although she doesn’t use it nearly as much as I do.

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