Our kid likes Valentine’s Day now

It’s funny because our kid used to say how Valentine’s Day was a dumb holiday.

  • She was consistently sick and tired of never getting anything in school just like a lot of people were.

Eventually though when she finally met a wonderful girl for her, it abruptly became a single of her favorite holidays. Her girl consistently spoils her with all kinds of chocolates, stuffed creatures, and even practical things. This last Valentine’s day, she even got her a smart control unit. I guess you could say it was technically a gift for both of them since they have been residing together, but still it’s a nice gift that’s very thoughtful. We’ve only had a smart control unit for a couple of years, but it has saved us so much money on the energy bills. My wifey particularly got it for myself and others on my birthday and I was so enthusiastic because I wanted to have a smart control unit for the longest time! Just the fact that a smart control unit will save you huge money on the energy bills is reason enough to have a single in my opinion! All of the other advanced features are genuinely just a plus. I like being able to adjust the temperature control settings from anywhere, especially when I’m coming back lake beach house and I want my location to be nice and comfortable when I walk through the door. This is how I assume that our kid is going to like the smart control unit and that she has a genuinely superb girl who is thoughtful and particularly cares about her.

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