We need more advanced HVAC machines for the gym

Roughly 10 years ago I got into business with my brother! I never actually expected that I would be running a fitness gym.

  • It turns out that my life was pretty much destined for becoming a workout fiend.

I started lifting weights as well as running years ago as well as everything changed a great deal in my life… From that day going forward, my health as well as fitness became a bit of an obsession. When my brother told me that he had the desire to open a modern corporation I was truly excited to take his investment money as well as create a modern neighborhood gym. I absolutely appreciate running this little fitness haven for all of my buddies as well as neighbors, however, I never even realized that human beings could be super disgusting. It seems like I’m regularly having to call some kind of cleaning service or Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair shop. For whatever strange reason, our customers cannot keep the powder room clear of mildew as well as mold… They are regularly adding a huge amount of humidity to the restroom and the people I was with and I have nasty airborne contaminants coming up around the walls as well as through the extensive ductwork. I can’t tell you the number of times I required ductwork cleaning over the past 10 years. Besides that, our customers are so incredibly warm that the people I was with and I require extra ventilation as well as air quality control equipment just to keep the indoor air perfectly breathable. There’s nothing like stepping into the gym in the daytime hours as well as being bowled over by a wall of humid, smelly air. At this point, I’m ready to invest in some air purification machines as well as additional dehumidification systems. If I don’t get the air quality under control, I suppose this gym will regularly stink.


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