Kids and pets make HVAC ownership harder

About a year ago I was very seriously trying to purchase a house. I decided that it was too expensive to continue paying rent in the city where I lived. It actually made more sense to sign up for a mortgage rather than shell out huge amounts of cash each month. I was dead set on purchasing a small home for myself but I don’t think that I had a realistic view of all of the expenses that come with home ownership. Namely, I never considered the central heating and cooling system or how expensive it would be to operate these air handling devices over time. In the beginning, my air quality wasn’t a big concern. It was just me living in the house, so I could manage the thermostat and HVAC appointment very easily. I didn’t have a lot of high energy bills or heating and cooling repairs to worry about. And then, I had kids. And next thing I knew, my central heating and cooling system was a big problem. When you introduce children and pets to your central heating and cooling system, the furnace and air conditioning units start to take a beating. These days I am consistently worried about my air quality control devices breaking down. I never know when I’m going to have an unexpected emergency HVAC repair to deal with. I have to change the air filters on a more regular basis than I could have imagined. I also can’t ever control my energy bills because these small beings require adequate air temperature control. When I signed up for owning a central HVAC system, I didn’t know how much my family was going to ruin everything.

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