I don't like my neighbor

I’m pretty sure we all get that one neighbor sometime in our life that we are not that big fans of. In my case, I am not a big fan of my one neighbor. He is still new to the neighborhood, as he only moved in about 3 months or so ago, but already, he has already become quite annoying. Usually this guy spends his nights with his friends at a bar, and then they all come home drunk, and proceed to be obnoxiously loud outside my house. All night all I hear is them and their obnoxious laughter, loud music and shouting. It’s incredibly annoying, and he does this almost every day! That’s not it though, the few times I have met this guy, he just comes off as trouble. He seems like the kind to pick fights. I know this because one time my husband came home from work, and our neighbor was in his yard. He randomly insulted my husband. My husband is a hothead, so he gave him a bloody nose, which I didn’t really approve of, but at least our neighbor left us alone after that. Then, just last week I had a HVAC technician who was an old friend of mine come out, and as a favor he was going to look over our HVAC system, since it hadn’t had any proper care in over a year. My friend, the HVAC professional, parked a little too close to this guy’s yard, and our obnoxious neighbor started trying to pick a fight with him too! My friend is pretty calm, so he just completely ignored the guy. I can’t wait to move and get a better neighbor.


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