Everybody thought I would amount to nothing, but I became successful

When I was in school, everybody used to think I was completely stupid. I feel like I had some kind of learning disability, but I didn’t actually believe that I was stupid. It was hurtful when people would say that though. I even had a few teachers talk trash on me and said that I would never amount to anything in my life. Honestly, that just made me work harder and I was absolutely determined to make something of my life. I didn’t want to focus so much on things that made me frustrated, so I decided to focus on things that I was actually good at. I was always good at tinkering with things and that was something that helped me to relax. I guess it was my form of meditation, taking things apart and learning how they worked. They say people learn in different ways, so I am more of a hands on learning type of person as opposed to learning from studying books. So thankfully, I was able to graduate from high school, and I immediately decided to get into the HVAC industry. I went to a trade school and went for my HVAC certification. I have to admit, I had a real difficult time while studying the different aspects of heating and cooling systems, but it helped when my professor learned I was more of a hands on type of person. He showed me how to identify the different working parts of HVAC machinery and how to work on those systems. By the time I was able to get my HVAC certification, he said that I would be the best HVAC technician from my class. He was right, I was a natural and I have been successful ever since!

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