College Dorms Renovated to Join the 21st Century

I live in a village that is known as a “university town.” No matter where you look in our little city, you will see stuff that is designed to attract to university students.

The two of us have several universities in our city, plus we have a pretty great community university, as well.

The two of us even have a technical school that has a great reputation, over the past five years or so, there has been a big burst in student housing construction – plus I am talking pretty luxurious living is to be had in these places. The housing communities have swimming pools with heaters, weight rooms, free laptops, all kinds of food arrangements, plus even services where they will send beach apartment cards for residents’ families birthdays, mother’s afternoon, plus the like. The best thing I guess they have, though, is modern plus efficient heating plus cooling, parents have to pay for utilities, plus all the people knows that a/c plus heating is what makes those electric bills skyrocket. Because of these charming residences, the university has had to face some realities. No one wants to live in their musty old dorms. There are a few dorm buildings that don’t even have a/c! That is hard to believe, I know, plus some smart guy at the school finally decided it is time to substitute the dorm buildings plus put in not only great flooring plus furnishings, however also efficient plus top-notch heating plus cooling options. The nights of the mythical starving student are over; most students live better than I do, plus they are demanding that Heating plus Air Conditioning technology keep up with their active plus luxurious lifestyles.

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