The high university locker room

I totally hated having to be in the locker room when I was playing athletic activitys in high university! It wasn’t for the reason you may guess though.

It totally had nothing to do with the other adolescents or anything appreciate that.

It was the fact that the gosh darn locker room had the worst indoor air pollen levels anyone could imagine! The indoor air pollen levels of the locker room was so horrible that a whole lake house air purification plan really would not have even been able to service it, even when they ran the central heating and air conditioning system plan it did not improve the air quality in that stuffy and honestly terrible smelling locker room, and to be un-biased it made myself and others sick to my stomach a lot of the time, so this is why I never went in there much. I would just change into my athletic activitys clothing in the mens room instead of the locker room! At least in there the air quality wasn’t as bad! That is saying something when a public toilet had better air quality than the locker room that the high university gave! I don’t guess why they never did anything about that terrible air quality. I was not the only 1 who complained. All of us boys did. I consistently wondered if the girls had the same problem with their high university locker room? Guess i’ll never know, but I am just cheerful my high university athletic activitys nights are over and I don’t have to guess about that horrible locker room and it’s junky air quality!


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