My air filters became dirty too hastily

Recently I have changed the type of air filters I get, because I really disliked my seasoned ones.

My seasoned ones, while much cheaper, became dirty really easy. My guess is because it was made out of really thin material. So every week I was literally changing out the A/C filter, and it just became annoying to constantly remind myself to change the a/c filter out at the end of the week. I finally got tired of changing the air filter out every week, so I decided to do a little bit of research into the kind of Heating and A/C filter I was getting. Apparently the air filter I was getting also wasn’t entirely high quality, and cheaply made, which would explain why it was so cheap to begin with. I decided to go with a higher quality a/c filter for my Heating and A/C system. When I got the filters in the mail I could definitely tell that these were higher quality. Not only were they much thicker and firmer, however they looked much better as well. I put in these up-to-date air filters and I ran tests on them in a week, and it only looked a little dirty. Thankfully with these up-to-date AC filters, I could go a week or several separate from worrying about changing the cooling system’s air filters. I’m really cheerful now that I have the better quality air filters. Not only do I not have to worry about changing them out as much, however I also guess my air and Heating and A/C program is going to be healthier as well. Now I guess I should have done this years ago.

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