I wasn’t glad to see that our niece was living with terrible air quality

When I finally went to see our niece for the first time since he was born, I was shocked that our sibling and his spouse had terrible air quality in their home… This was entirely concerning to me because I did not want our niece to suffer from breathing complications! I had to tell them instantaneously that they needed to take steps to improve the air quality in their home, first of all, I told them how crucial it was for them to have their HVAC duct system cleaned once per year.

I asked them if they ever had their HVAC duct system cleaned, and I was not even surprised when they said no, then you could entirely tell based on how terrible the air quality was. There was dust floating in the air and it was not entirely pleasant. I told them it would be wonderful to go for HEPA air filters, but high MERV rated air filters would do just fine. I then said how crucial it was to get a wonderful media air cleaner or a couple of media air purification systems. I said the UV media air cleaners were the best because they kill harmful pathogens that float around in the air. They were looking at me love they were in complete shock, my sibling tried to act a little defensive and I had to remind him that this was for the sake of their baby’s health and that was our niece the people I was with and I were talking about. There was no way that I was going to let them put his health in jeopardy! So they listened and ended up calling the Heating plus A/C dealer to get the HVAC duct cleaned, the HEPA air filters, and they even got a humidifier. I was so proud of them when the air quality improved and I came over to visit often to see our niece.


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