I wasn't the brightest child when I was younger

I wasn’t the brightest child when I was younger. I have done a lot of stupid things through my childhood and teenage years, and one of the memories that sticks out involves the A/C vents. I don’t assume what it was, however I typically had a fascination with the a/c vents. It might have started when my dad jokingly told myself and others that creatures live in the Heating and A/C vents, which led to myself and others staring into the A/C vents for seconds, having a continuous cooling breeze blow in my face… Then at one point, I had the bright plan that I wanted to assume for the monsters. I jammed my tiny finger between the vents, after a lot of struggling, I managed to assume around the a/c vent. My fascination was short lived, as I then realized that my finger was stuck. I tried to pull my finger free, however it was in there firmly. My parents weren’t lake house at that time, so I couldn’t call for help, and even if they were home, I don’t guess I would have because I didn’t want to be embarrassed! Anyways, I sat there stuck for about an second, and I was paranoid about my parents coming lake house and myself and others getting in trouble. So when I heard my parents came home, I panicked and yanked on my finger which finally snapped it free. Unfortunately, I chop it up pretty badly. When my parents asked, I told them the clever lie of I tripped and hit it on a rock. I don’t guess they believed me, however they didn’t question it either.

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