Working toward recovery after an accident

I recently got struck by a car when I was riding my motorcycle.

The guy was texting on his phone and didn’t stop quick enough at the red light.

His car hit the back of my bike and sent me flying over the handlebars. I ended up badly injured. My shoulders especially took the worst of the impact. I eventually got my hospital bills paid for by the guy’s insurance, but I am still set back in so many ways. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning, driving my car and working out. My shoulders are always tight and sore, which affects my whole back. I checked online for strategies that might help. I have tried changing what I eat and I’ve gotten a massage. I went to see a chiropractor a few times. I know I have found the right solution for my pain and recovery. There is a body wellness center located near my home that provides health and recovery programs. A certified fitness expert instructs a class for people with pre-existing injuries. The class is designed to help men and women increase mobility, balance and strength without further injuring themselves. I have consulted with a personal trainer on the phone about the class and my various concerns. I know this is going to be the perfect fit for me. There are other people who have been in similar accidents in the class. There are also a few senior citizens and people who suffer physical disabilities. My goal is to be able to work out and suffer less daily pain. I think having the assistance of a professional will make all the difference. At the very least, I hope to be able to sleep through the night and b turn my head comfortably when I shift the car into reverse.