We charge more for our industrial services because we are the only business

When you actually have Monopoly, you can charge more for your services.

  • If I was the only person with corn, potatoes, and beans, I would be able to charge as much as I wanted.

If I was the only motorcar dealership in the area with trucks and SUVs, I honestly could jack up prices as high as I want. Of course, all types of people would complain, but that’s capitalism for you. My family and I own a rather unique business. All of us rent commercial and Industrial machines… The items in our warehouse include a/c machines, boilers, furnaces, chillers, and steam boilers. All of us rent a number of these machines to commercial companies all over the state. All of us also rent a fair amount of items to individuals, but the bulk of our business really comes from commercial and Industrial companies. All of us ship everywhere in our country and the people I was with and I guarantee delivery in 24 hours. Since the people I was with and I are the only commercial and industrial machine rental repair in the immediate area, the bunch of us charge more for the repair and rental fees. A ton of companies have made huge complaints about the rates, but the people I was with and I need to remain entirely competitive in order to make a reasonable amount of money. Our rates on boilers and chillers are actually higher than the national average, but it costs money to maintain the machines. Each of our machines are regularly serviced, cleaned, and sanitized after use. All of us also need a warehouse with 25,000 sqft to home all of the industrial machines, however commercial rental space isn’t cheap. When local buyers actually notice that we are the only option in town, it doesn’t feel like a sizable deal to spend a little more money.

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