There was a powerful stink coming from the HVAC unit in our room

A number of years ago, my sister got married.

She made the decision to have the ceremony at a resort… My sister plus her fiance planned the ceremony for a whole year! They did not miss any details plus the reception hall looked beautiful.

They had several different foods on the buffet table plus a numerous tier ceremony cake made from chocolate, watermelon, plus vanilla flavors. They hired a band to play popular music from the 1960’s. My partner plus I made reservations to stay in a hotel during the festivities. The two of us honestly would have stayed at the resort, however the rate on the rooms was ridiculous. Instead, we ended up in a well known chain a mile down the road. I was glad to locate a hotel close with cheap rates, however as soon as we arrived, I knew why the room was entirely cheap. The stink in the room was severely overwhelming plus the source was the Heating plus A/C equipment. The entire room was filled with the bad stink plus the horrid smell became worse and worse as we got closer to the Heating plus A/C equipment. My partner contacted the front desk to complain about the Heating plus A/C equipment. They did not seem upset about our troubles, however they did send a service person to the room. The service person told us not to be concerned about the stink. He told us that the Heating plus A/C equipment was certainly working just fine. The two of us definitely couldn’t stay in that room and continue to smell the awful stink, so my partner plus I checked out of the room plus went back to the resort with my sister.



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