No longer having access to a gym

My boyfriend and I recently moved further south. The transition has been very exciting. Our home is twice the square footage of what we are accustomed to. We finally have more than one bathroom, lots of property and we’re located right near my mom and dad. The downside is that my boyfriend and I moved out of the city and to a very rural area. In the city where I used to live, anything I could possibly need or want was easily accessible. I used to have groceries delivered the same day right to my front door. I could run to the bank, post office, get gas and go shopping for nearly any item in under ten minutes. I also had a core progression located nearby. Four mornings per week I took a group training class with a fitness expert. I really enjoyed having that regular routine and the ability to keep in good shape. In the more rural area where I now live, there isn’t anything like that. There are several restaurants, but the food isn’t all that good. The closest gas station is about fifteen minutes away. I can’t order groceries but have to physically drive to the store if I need eggs. The worst drawback is having no gym anywhere nearby. I would need to drive thirty minutes to use the local gym that offers hardly any equipment. I have been figuring out ways to workout at home. I have an abundance of property. I have been thinking about setting up a gym for myself. I could purchase a pre-built shed, insulate it and have Heating, Ventilation, and A/C installed. I’d then require folding mats, weights, some fitness equipment and a decent sound system. It will be expensive, but it will be so helpful to have a dedicated spot to workout. I think the effort and cost would be worth it for me.

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