Keeping active most of the time pays off

I look my best right now, and I am proud to say that.

  • Everything I do is focused on being healthy and physically fit.

While my job is handled online and I sit at a computer during the workday, I am only stationary for those hours of the day. I take an hour out of my work day to get a strenuous workout in. I make sure to carefully warm up and stretch my muscles. I don’t want my body feeling tight and possibly overdoing and injuring myself. I then perform a heavy cardio routine for approximately thirty to forty minutes. Sometimes I will add in some weight lifting into my regular routine. Occasionally, I try out an online video for a new ab workout. After my workout, I shower and then finish up my work day. If weather permits, I immediately head outside. I like to pull weeds in my gardens, rake the leaves, trim the hedges or simply walk around my property. That is my favorite thing to do. I love just walking. I use walking as a form of meditation and relaxation. I listen to music, forget any stress from the day and just zone out. A lot of people wonder if this is part of my daily work out. I don’t work up a sweat but I walk for about 45 minutes everyday. I am not sure how many miles that adds up to. I don’t look at it as part of my workout. It is just enjoyable. I know that walking helps my body to keep fit. My legs, thighs and butt look quite toned and I know it is because I am always active. When I walk for so long, I am burning calories.

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