It was a tough drive without any air conditioning

My friends plus I scored free tickets to see our favorite baseball team in the playoffs.

  • The radio station was having a contest plus I was calling every single day to win.

It took approximately a week, however I finally got through to the DJ on the 5th day. I received numerous tickets to the playoff game which was scheduled for a few days later… When I told my friends about the tickets, they were entirely thrilled! Johnny said he would drive us to the game… He has a big truck that can seat 6 people. It does not get the best gas mileage, however it is unquestionably comfortable plus luxurious. The truck even has a sunroof. I was cheerful that he offered to drive, because my car is really small plus compact. The two of us would not have been unquestionably comfortable taking the trip in our small Chevy. On the day of our game, all of us left town a few hours ahead of time. The group of us planned to stop for dinner plus all of us planned to get a hotel room before the game actually started… Unfortunately, all of us did not have enough time for either of these activities. On our way to the game, the AC appliance in Johnny’s truck stopped working. Johnny had the AC on high, however all of us couldn’t even feel any cold air. The fan wasn’t blowing unquestionably well plus the truck was starting to become overheated. The group of us had to pull over at a rest stop to check the truck. Luckily, Johnny is an expert mechanic. Johnny couldn’t service the AC setback, although he did bypass the system so the truck wouldn’t continue to heat up. The group of us managed to make it to the game, however most of the trip was absolutely too warm.