His thermostat was confusing

My son asked me if I would stay at her house for the long weekend while he and his partner left for a vacation.

Also, they needed someone to babysit their dog… I was more than happy to go into his attractive house for several mornings.

My son and his partner have a large inground pool in the backyard with all sorts of comfortable sun chairs. I looked forward to swimming and getting a tan. The kitchen is new. They have outfitted it with state-of-the-art appliances. There’s a sectional couch in the living room that was imported from Sweden and a gigantic television with surround sound, and every room has overhead ceiling fans and independent thermostats for zone control. But, my stay at my son’s house wasn’t quite as relaxing and comfortable as I expected. I couldn’t figure out how to work anything. I couldn’t use the microwave, oven or washing machine. I couldn’t even find the coffeemaker. I also nearly froze to death. My son certainly had the air conditioner cranked to provide a perfectly cool environment for me. There are ducts situated all over the house. There was no escaping the constant flow of chilly air. The thermostats were so odd that I didn’t dare attempt to make any changes. I worried I’d switch it over to heating by mistake. I ended up bundling up in layers of shirts and sleeping under every blanket I could find. I didn’t want to disrupt my son’s vacation by complaining and begging for help, so I just managed as best as I could.

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