Getting up early for my workout makes for a better day

My day can be fantastic or just okay. My mood and energy level depend on how early I get up in the morning. If I manage to get up nice and early, I can start my day the right way. I make myself a cup of coffee and drive straight to the local health and fitness center. I take an hour-long group fitness class led by a certified fitness instructor. The class is geared heavily toward cardio and energizing drills. We do a lot of jump roping, hopping, skipping and even some styles of dancing and kicks. By the end of the hour, my heart is pumping and I am dripping with sweat. I feel loose and healthy. Heading to work doesn’t seem so awful. I am in a wonderful mood and my body feels fantastic. After work, I then have the opportunity to run any errands I need. I make it home with enough time to enjoy myself a bit before supper. If I am lazy in the morning and sleep too long, everything gets messed up. I can’t make it to the group fitness class. I have to drive straight to work where I feel sluggish, tired and my body is stiff and sore. I am forced to do the fitness class held after work at the local gym. The second class is a yoga styled one. That class is more about relaxing and finding a sense of peace. I get a bit bored and feel as if I’m wasting my time. It is the only class available and I refuse to skip the workout. I then don’t have a chance to complete errands unless I want to hurry. I still need to make dinner the moment I arrive home. It is rather awful. I end up with a very unpleasant schedule and in a bad mood when I don’t get up in time to workout in the morning.