Getting an arm workout at the gym

Men and women typically prefer to focus on different parts of their body during a workout.

  • The men seem to concentrate on their backs, shoulders and arms, while women are all about their butss, tummies and legs; I am no exception to this norm.

My legs are lined and sculpted with muscle. My butt has no fat whatsoever and is a hard rock. I even have built quite impressive abs through a lot of hard work. I am all over fit with the exception of my biceps and triceps. I have rather thin arms that are not as toned as I’d like. When I workout I perform a lot of cardio activities or work on my legs. I run, bike, swim and do lots of lunges. I often jump rope or do some squats and mountain climbers. I rarely make time to do push ups, hold the plank position or lift free weights. I just don’t enjoy working on my arms. Recently, I signed up at a gym because I haven’t been able to properly motivate myself. The physical fitness class I joined is definitely geared toward arm workouts. Fortunately, the personal trainer doesn’t ask me to do exercises I could easily do at home. I am delighted that there is a lot of equipment I could never afford to add to my home gym. There are battle ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls as well as weighted poles to utilize. I am matched with a partner in order to toss a medicine ball back and forth, pull on a rope and motivate each other. It is nice having someone else to encourage me to work harder. I like the class because I know I am not injuring my muscles or performing an exercise incorrectly. The personal trainer has encouraged me to try new things and I’m seeing the benefits already.
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