Eat and run

Being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist is not an easy job as people may think.

And I am not even talking about the HVAC work itself. The thing for me that makes it a pretty rough job is that while i’m working during the week I have to eat lunch and run more or less! I can not have a relaxed lunch like most normal working people. They all get anywhere from a half an hour to sometimes an hour for lunch. Being on the go as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist, I am sometimes lucky if I have 15 minutes! It really is horrible. So horrible that I have thought about making an attempt to go into business for myself and become an independent heating and air conditioning contractor. This way I would be my own boss and not have to deal with the slave driving of some company, and most of all, I would not have to eat and run anymore! The only problem with becoming an independent heating and air conditioning contractor is drumming up the business and competing. This takes some heavy planning and is usually something people have in the works while they are still in HVAC school. That way when they get out, they are ready to open up and build their personal heating and air conditioning business. I have only a few years left before retirement from the heating and air conditioning business I work for, and from work in general. So for me it is a little late in life to be thinking about this.

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