A brand new office

Similar to a whole lot of other people, I am now working from the HVAC comfort of home now.

It’s the only way I can effectively task while managing the pandemic worries.

It was unquestionably inevitable that this would be the case anyway. Our company was considering the transport to remote employment already. I imagine that this situation will continue long after the pandemic has run its course. However, it hasn’t been the easiest of transitions. Initially, I was just trying to find a silent little corner of the lake house where I could get some HVAC to rest and task on my PC. But, I hastily realized that I would be needing far more than that. So, I tried to set up an office in the corner of our kitchen. I positioned a little card table right under an HVAC vent and went to work. Again, this wasn’t the spot. For some bizarre reason, I very much need to do tasks in a cooler environment than my family prefers. At long last, I went to the guest room. This time, I didn’t fool around. I moved all the furniture out and took over the room entirely. It was much better because I was left alone to do my work. However, I ran into the HVAC setting problem once again. Finally, I called the HVAC people up to get some help with this concern. They came out and were able to augment our existing HVAC unit so both of us could create zone controlled HVAC in our house. Now, both of us have three zones with only one of them being the guest room. I can now customize the temperature in my lake house office and get some tasks done.

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