Fixing the cooling system at labor

At the location of business where I labor the people I was with and I had a major breakdown of the central A/C last summer. It was not a nice time for this because it was quite boiling out. They were going to call a local heating & A/C supplier to come out to repair it… However, the local heating & A/C supplier was not able to get out the same day. So the people I was with and I all had to suffer throughout the rest of the labor day with no central A/C. They had fans they pulled out, however this was not enough! I decided to ask our director if I could try to repair the central A/C. I was not a certified heating & cooling specialist, however I knew a lot because our uncle was an actual certified heating & A/C specialist when I was growing up & she taught myself and others some thing about basic Heating & A/C repair of commercial heating & A/Cs just prefer what the people I was with and I had at work! My director allowed this after I explained what I knew. And what do ya know? I truly was able to get to the bottom of why the central A/C had fully stopped working! It was a matter of something getting plugged in the motor. A piece of plastic that somehow blew in there. I went into the commercial heating & A/C & removed it. Had them turn it back on & saved them hundreds of dollars in Heating & A/C repair! The whole office cheered for myself and others & our knowing what to look for in terms of basic problemshooting.

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