The decision was easier than I thought it would be.

So I did.

Tough decisions are not my forte. I’m more the sort of person who tends to overthink, weigh every aspect & then still want to know what somebody else thinks. So it goes with all manner of things in my life from car buying to replacing the HVAC. I just have the worst time simply pulling the trigger on a decision. So, when the HVAC tech came to the door to tell me that my HVAC was on its last legs, I felt a drop of sweat roll down my back. I tried to pigeonhole the poor HVAC guy with all manner of questions. Like, how long will it last? Is there an HVAC repair that will make it work better & for longer? How much will it cost to get the HVAC updated? To his credit, the HVAC specialist did his best to explain that he was just telling me to prepare. He also left me the card of the HVAC contractor at their office. I put the card on the fridge & started my routine of not making a decision. This went on for more than a month when I had to call the HVAC people again to come out for a repair. This time the HVAC guy told me that time was short & I needed to make the call to the HVAC contractor. So I did. And, it was far easier and a lot less painful than I thought it could be. The HVAC contractor helped me find an updated model that fit our budget and our heating and cooling needs in a matter of just a few days. Thanks to him, the decisions were honestly quite easy to make for once.

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