I bought a HEPA media air cleaner for study room and now I sleep much better

If I turn on the furnace, it stinks horrible and causes my sinuses to swell

Insomnia is a cruel beast to reckon with, regardless of what’s causing it. I remember first experiencing long bouts of insomnia when I was still in high university. For several years I worked in the study room in an assisted living facility a few miles from my parents’ house. On weekends I was often given the earliest shift to come and clean dishes for the cooks making dinner for the residents. I had to report to labor as early as 6am on these nights, and more often than not I’d get at most more than one hours of sleep the night before, occasionally none at all. This wasn’t straight-forward labor either, so I’d be completely drained by the time I ended my shift. As I pushed through school I quit having these problems as much, in part because my classes were often in the later afternoon or early day hours. Years later, I had no troubles until I moved into this apartment. I had to select a cheaper house that wasn’t in the best condition when I moved in. The worst factor is the air quality, as it often gives me extreme asthmatic reactions and prevents me from sleeping. If I turn on the furnace, it stinks horrible and causes my sinuses to swell. If I turn on the air conditioning, a mildew stink starts pooling out of my air vents and gives me much of the same allergic reaction. I called to have my Heating & A/C plan cleaned by a certified professional, but for now I am using a HEPA media air cleaner in my study room to trap some of the airborne irritants before they can hit my lungs. It’s not a perfect solution—which would involve modern ductwork and a modern air conditioning—but it’s satisfyingly effective at a fraction of the cost.


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