Homeowner wouldn’t give me space

When I was getting out of college I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decisions for myself. I didn’t feel confident in the degree that I had just secured, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be in that line of work for the rest of my life. Within two years, I realized that I hated working in an office setting and I wanted to go back to school for a professional trade. I wound up acquiring my professional certification in heating, cooling, and ventilation repair units and quickly was employed with the largest Heating and Cooling company in the city. For the most part, I’m extremely confident in this new life path that I chose for myself. I enjoy going from home to home and helping people with all of their various Heating and Cooling issues. There’s nothing better than arriving at someone’s home, inspecting their air conditioning system, and being the hero who made their living space safe and comfortable again. However, there are some customers that really drive me up the wall. My least favorite kind of homeowners are the nosey ones who think they should learn to DIY their heating and cooling systems.These sort of folks will not give you any space while you’re trying to inspect the broken HVAC system. They follow you around the house, making comments about everything you’re doing. They lean over your shoulder while you’re trying to clean tiny pieces of machinery or reassemble they’re busted air conditioning unit. They get very nosey and start offering suggestions about routine diagnostics and equipment repair services. Plus, I can’t shake the feeling that they are going to break the high quality indoor air temperature device that I just finished preparing the moment that I’m out of sight.


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