Gone one week and they broke the AC unit

Sometimes I really wonder about people.

It seems like folks should be on equal playing ground by a certain point in their lives, but apparently adult maturity doesn’t catch up quickly with everybody.

I’ve come to realize this more and more with age and with experience. For a long time, I thought that I was overly responsible when it came to household expenses, money management, and schedule development. Then I realized that the people around me are just terrible at keeping up with the necessities of life. This has never been more obvious than yesterday afternoon when I reached out to my roommates to see how things had been going down south. I knew that the sweltering heat and humidity had to be flowing into the area, because it was actually getting quite balmy up in the Midwest. I’ve been visiting my mom for a few weeks and I was curious how the summer season was progressing. It turns out, things aren’t so cool down there. Apparently, my roommates forgot that the daily outdoor temperature was easily reaching 90 degrees these days. They had failed to readjust the thermostat settings for the central heating and cooling system in the house. As such, the air conditioner was still trying to pump cold and dry air into the house and maintain a temperature of 66 degrees. Within two days this temperature control demand was overwhelming for the air conditioning unit and it completely broke down. My roommate reported that they had a huge HVAC repair bill on the way and they were living in ungodly heat. I was gone for one week, and without adult supervision they managed to implode the air conditioning unit almost immediately.


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