My house is nice and cool

My house is nice and cool, and I owe it to my new air conditioner.

I had been using the same old air conditioner in my living room for years and years. I decided that it was time to get a new one. I really didn’t need a new one. I just wanted a new one. My husband found some really good deals on air conditioners at a particular store near us, so I drove to see if I could get one. I ended up getting an air conditioner for over fifty percent off. I was more than thrilled about it. I put the new air conditioner in the living room window where the old one was, but I decided to keep the old air conditioner. I am thinking about putting the old air conditioner upstairs in my husband’s and my bedroom. I really would like having an air conditioner in our bedroom. The upstairs tends to be quite warm. I think we have gotten used to sleeping in the warmth though. I plan to ask my husband what he thinks about using the old air conditioner in our room. One thing that I do know is that our house is much cooler now that we have a new air conditioner. The new air conditioner just seems to cool the place down much faster, and it brings the house down to seventy degrees. The old air conditioner could only get the house down to seventy-five degrees. I really like our new air conditioner, and I am so glad that we were able to get such a great deal on it.