Stopped use of humidifier for indoor air quality

I always grew up in a very humid area.

I am used to that “heavy” air that is so associated with river towns and bayous.

Because of that, when I moved here, I purchased a humidifier right away. The air felt very dry to me and the humidifier helped me sleep. Now that the coronavirus pandemic is so widespread, I started reading articles about how to improve indoor air quality. I was already changing out my air filters regularly. I also already had an HVAC service plan with my HVAC provider to have my air ducts cleaned every 4 years. When I was reading indoor air quality improvement articles online, I saw something about how humidity can make your indoor air quality very bad. Because viruses thrive in humid climates/areas, the article recommended that I get an air quality test to make sure that the house wasn’t too humid. I purchased an air quality test and found that my home was too humid and was making my indoor air quality worse. This was frustrating to say the least. My humidifier makes sleeping much easier and I really didn’t want to get rid of it. In a form of compromise, I decided to only use the humidifier at night while I sleep, instead of running the humidifier all day while I’m working at home. After checking the air quality test a week later, I found that the results were much better. If any of you are excessive humidifier users like me- especially during this unprecedented time- let me recommend getting an air quality test and considering taking your humidifier use down a notch!



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