I cannot afford expensive virus protection in my own beach lake house

I think my sister may be going a little bit crazy. She just told me that she spent a few thoUnited Statesnd dollars upgrading her Heating plus A/C system. She said she has been super distraught about this coronavirus going around… When she found out that humidity kills the virus she contacted her Heating plus A/C company plus asked them to install a whole-beach lake house humidifier. While they were laboring on that, she found out about whole beach lake house media air cleaners plus had them installed that while they were at it. I do not think where she found the money to do all of this. My sister is all proud that her air purification proposal has UV lighting plus extra strong filters. She also brags about her humidistat plus how she can control the humidity in the house. That’s all well plus great but I guess that she could have gotten some virus control by spending a lot less money, however for example, I am using a HEPA filter in my Heating plus A/C proposal because the HEPA filters capture viruses instead of spreading them throughout the house. I have a portable humidifier but I do not turn it on unquestionably often. Instead, I just open my windows plus let some natural sun come into the house. I’m not going to pay thoUnited Statesnds of dollars for a little UV light. I cannot afford it, however my sister said that I cannot afford not to do it but I beg to differ. I guess time will tell though. We’ll see who gets sick. But honestly, I do not think either one of us will. Not in our own homes anyway.



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