My sibling ended up marrying her Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist

My sibling has consistently dated all kinds of people, and last year she started dating her Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist Rob, however she met Rob when he came to her home last year to toil on her air conditioner, and it was right in the middle of a heatwave last summer, and the hot and cold temperatures outside were in the 75s and 90s for weeks at a time.

Where we live, that is really a heat wave, however both of us are used to hot and cold temperatures in the 68s most of the time and so most people around here was using their central air conditioner more than they ever had before! This included our sibling, who obviously turned her air conditioner on for so long at such a low setting that she ended up freezing up the whole system somehow.

She called me and complained that her air conditioner wasn’t working and she thought that she was going to melt inside her house. I provided her the number of our favorite local Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor and that’s who she called to come and maintenance the air conditioner. She tells the story now that when the Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist pulled up into her driveway, she had no plan that he was going to be the guy of her dreams! Even at their anniversary, they provided a toast to me for recommending Rob’s heating and cooling dealer. I guess without a broken air conditioner that summer, they might have never met. Thank goodness for heat waves and central air conditioners, I guess… Rob thinks I’m the best sibling in law in the whole world now.

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