Last time we were on vacation, the A/C in our hotel wasn’t working

The last time my family and I went on vacation, we ended up staying in a hotel that we had never been to before.

We usually stay at a really great place at the same beach that we always go to.

However, the hotel that we usually stay at was closed down for fumigation or something. It was something that we had never seen before, but they had the whole place underneath a tent. Anyway, we had to book a different hotel. When we got there, the very first thing that we noticed was the fact that there was an HVAC service truck parked in front of the main doors. We saw some HVAC technicians hurrying in and out of the lobby carrying all kinds of tools and equipment. That should have been a major sign for us that there was going to be trouble. However, it was really late at night and we didn’t want to have to hunt around for another hotel. We made our way inside and even though the lobby was nice and cool, by the time we made it to our suite we realized that the temperature was really heating up. Something was definitely wrong with the air conditioning unit in our suite. We messed around with the thermostat on the A/C unit for a few minutes, but we couldn’t get it to come on. When we called the front desk, they informed us that the HVAC team that we had seen was working hard to fix all of the air conditioning units on our entire floor.

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