I really hate dealing with my HVAC units

I really hate dealing with the HVAC units in my house.

I don’t think that I could hate any device more than I hate the HVAC units in my house right now. I just can’t stand my HVAC units. If my HVAC units worked properly, I would probably appreciate my HVAC units more, but right now, my HVAC units are just a load of garbage. I have the oldest HVAC units in the world, and they are constantly breaking down. I feel like I am on a first-name basis right now with the HVAC technician that has been taking care of my HVAC units, and I am probably paying most of his salary at this point. I can barely afford to take care of my HVAC units. Even when my HVAC units were working properly, I still had to pay for all of the inspections and small repairs for my HVAC units. For some reason, the HVAC companies made sure my HVAC units would end up costing me a fortune. I think that it is all a scam to make sure that I spend a ton of money on my HVAC units. I jut wish that I could have better HVAC units, but of course, new HVAC units also cost a lot of money, and HVAC companies charge a lot of money to have your HVAC units installed. This is why I hate dealing with my HVAC units. No matter what the problem is, the solution is always a ton of money that I do not have.


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