A friendly meeting at the pier

I have been out of college for almost 10 years.

  • I rarely talk to anyone from my high school days, but an old friend reached out to me last week.

She was going to be in town for a seminar and she wanted to meet up for coffee. The woman and I were friends in high school and we even spent a semester in college as roommates. I was curious to see how she was doing, so I agreed to meet her at a coffee shop down by the pier. We met on Saturday morning for coffee and lunch. It was great to see her again. To be honest, she really hasn’t changed very much. She still looks the same, except 15 years older. We found a table to sit down and talk for a few hours. I was hoping for cool weather, but it was actually quite chilly. We were sitting out on the deck without heat, and I had goose bumps on my arm. I wanted to spend most of the day catching up, but it was too cold to sit on the deck. We decided to go into the restaurant where they had a few propane heaters running. Even though it was chilly outside, the propane heaters kept the temperature indoors warm and comfortable. Sarah and I talked most of the day and we made plans to see each other again on Sunday. We hung out a few times while she was here for the seminar. It was great to see my old friend and I hope she will call again when he comes back to town.
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My Mom is in the hospital and I’m scared

That’s one good thing about sending mom to the hospital

My mom has been feeling ill for the last few days and we had to call 911 this morning to take her to the hospital. She woke up with a very high fever and she was confused and disoriented. My wife called nine-one-one and we patiently waited for the ambulance to arrive. With covid-19 virus out there, my wife and I were very scared to send our mother to the hospital. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any choice in the matter. When the paramedics arrived, they first took us to go to the emergency room. My wife and I followed behind the ambulance in our car. When we arrived at the hospital, we weren’t allowed to go into the building. We had to wait several hours to find out if everything was okay. My mom has to spend several days in the hospital and my wife and I are very scared. There are a lot of germs and viruses and bacteria in the air and I don’t want my mom to come home feeling more sick than she was when she went. At least the hospital has a great AC system with an air filtration unit. That’s one good thing about sending mom to the hospital. Our AC system hasn’t been working very well over the last month and the indoor temperatures are warmer than usual. At least mom can be comfortable in the hospital and enjoy some cold AC while she recovers from the fever and the infection. She will be able to come home in a couple of days oh, but she is going to need antibiotics for several weeks.

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Preparing for my Mom and dad to visit

My girlfriend and I have been looking forward to a visit from my parents.

My girlfriend and I have been together for a year and a half, but she has never met my parents.

They live almost a thousand miles away and it can be difficult to visit them frequently. When my Mom and Dad decided to come visit, my girlfriend and I wanted the guest room to be perfect. We bought brand new sheets for the bed and a new comforter with lilies, roses, and daffodils. We bought new pillows for the bed as well. We knew climate control might be a problem, because it’s very hot near the back of the apartment. My girlfriend had a really great idea. She suggested that we go to the hardware store and buy a small air conditioner to keep in the spare bedroom. It can be very hot and humid here in the South, and I didn’t want my parents to suffer. I thought buying a small air conditioner seemed like a great idea and I was totally supportive. My girlfriend and I found a portable air conditioner on the clearance rack. It was one of the models from last year, but it was still brand new in the box. My girlfriend and I paid about $150 for the portable air conditioner. The best part is the fact that it doesn’t have a separate vent for the unit. Some portable air conditioners require a window for the exhaust vent. This portable air conditioner was an all-in-one unit that didn’t need any extra equipment.

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Worth getting a bigger printer

I do a lot of my own printing.

As someone who runs a daycare play area, I never expected to have so many things that I would have to print. Printing is quite tedious as it is, but printing when you have a bunch of little boys and girls running around? Good luck with that! Low toner becomes low on your list of things to do when you’re trying to stop someone from eating play-dough! Anyway, because of that and numerous other reasons, I decided to update my printer. I sprung for a big time printer that would be heartier and able to handle the load that I frequently sent to it. I was a little worried about updating to a commercial printer because I don’t print large amounts of paperwork or anything like that. I do print a few papers plus a boatload of worksheets for the kids and things for parents to sign every time a new child enrolls. The way I was printing before used to take so long to get everything printed. Now, hopefully, with a new printer, I will be able to print paperwork for all of the children’s families and all the worksheets in a matter of minutes rather than hours. It’s a good sign that I have so many daycare children, my company is booming and I have the money to spend. In order to maintain, I needed to invest in the big time printer to make sure that I am meeting the demands of parents. After all, they are paying customers.


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Having trouble printing my romance novel

I have recently completed the first romance book.

I think that every author says this, but I legitimately think this is some of my best work.

I’m not being a jerk either. I know for a fact that some of my other novels were a mess structurally, grammatically and logically. I also happen to be someone who needs to take a step back and see things in a new medium before I can judge them well. For that reason, I needed a printer to get my first romance novel onto a page so I can see what I have to work with. Printed pages look different than online based. The format might be messed up. I need to see it in that format. My aged printer just can’t do it though. It kept running out of ink, getting jammed, low toner, all sorts of things! I went out in search of a current printer so that I could print out my first romance book plus look through it. I was met with so many printing solutions that I felt simply overwhelmed. That’s why I’m on the internet searching for printing advice. I was also considering taking a flash drive to a printing business plus having it done there. The thing is a lot of printing services are all web based now. I am too worried to send my novel over the internet to have it printed. What if they lose it? Are there any printing services in the area? I’m not looking for anything expensive, I just want my novel to be on paper for review.
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Specific tagless t-shirts

I help run a community little league swim team.

The kids love it and it has been a very rewarding process for the volunteers as well.

We’re looking to do something special for their last meet this week. We are legitimately hoping to have tagless t-shirts printed for the kids to wear. Before and after the meet they can match shirts. We want to take a picture and put it in the community paper. The issue is that I can’t seem to find a printing business that does tagless t-shirt printing. Is there anyone that does tagless t-shirt printing in my area? We are hoping to print posters for the boys and girls as well. It is not difficult to find a printing service that prints posters, but we are legitimately dead set on the tagless t-shirts with it too. I think we could go online to find a printing solution for printing tagless t-shirts, but we would much rather go to a local for printing. Not only is time a big factor, but making the shirts unique to each kid. We had the kids design their own sayings on the shirt that is something they said during the year. They got their name on it and their favorite number. We also have age and school logos on the shirts too. So it would be very hard to do this online. We are hoping for front and back print as well. I’m just not finding the printing solutions we are looking for here locally. We would be willing to drive a while out of the way if that meant we could get the job done.


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Fish tank stand looks great in the living room

When I begin to date my bestie, she had this fish tank with a few small fish.

I believed it was a cool hobby as well as supported the hoppy.

Over many years, the fish tank has actually become a 100 gallon place with stones, sand, as well as weird fish species. I Savor all the fish tanks, but they can be an easy amount of work. They’re actually nice to observe as well as what grow. When all of us got a great tank, every one of us knew it was important to have a custom-made set to support all the way. A custom-made set would meet needs for the weight required for this type of fish tank. The custom fish tank was designed to hold 2000 lbs of hot wait. Water can be honestly heavy. Once you add some rocks as well as sand, the entire structure is even heavier. Every one of us had a woodworker that designed the tank as well as looked at the equipment first. Another item to consider was the place where this would sit in the house. It was durable as well as expensive as well as a nice piece of custom furniture. The fish tank looks great in the corner of the room. This is a durable peace as well as expensive as well as it will last us for multiple years in the future. Many of us consider this in the afternoon as well as we love the fish tank. I even recommended that we use a little bit of neutral color stain so that we could use the fish tank in the main room of our place.

Custom made furniture

Table and matching chairs from custom dealer

For multiple years, I have easily saved some currency to design a custom beach house for myself as well as others as well as our own family.

Augustine Beach place would consist of this nice family room with custom cabinets as well as Furniture located in every room.

While putting these things together, I quickly realized that these custom pieces would be designed for each other and I decided to start years ago. I easily forgot that I easily started a project as well as new the project would be easily expensive. I was actually shocked to find the involved process. The folks who make this custom furniture have to pay attention to some details. It is extremely nice to chance out exactly what you will want as well as then have a person filled those things directly for you. Cookie Cutter Furniture can be nice for budgets, but every person doesn’t actually realize that it can be fantastic to have this custom furniture right in our home. It actually makes things a huge Conversation Piece. I Savor the natural conversation flow that happens over a custom furniture piece. It provides a great chance to supply contractor names bringing this custom furniture to life. It can actually be very exciting to see this furniture regularly imagined as well as knowing that your design has come to life and looks exactly as you have plans. When putting these things together, it’s exactly nice to see all of the details flow. The furniture that is custom-built will always be nicer than the Box stuff.


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I love my favorite sofabed

On a first date, each of us had some tacos as well as some margaritas from a Mexican Diner.

I knew that I would love the woman from the 8th that she ordered some guacamole separate from asking.

On our first date, I regularly wondered to myself if the guy’s beach house look like nice things. There are some periods when I can predict almost anything. It is so funny that there can be multiple weird furniture Styles. People buy some cheap furniture that doesn’t last very long as well as then some folks get old. Some 30 pieces of cherry wood furniture need to be upgraded or even refurbished. The very last time that I stepped in to my besties place, I saw it. The sofa was passed from one family member to another family member. The sofa appeared comfortable but it was undoubtedly smelling bad. It didn’t have any throw pillows as well as the Starbucks latte table was made from plasterboard. The Starbucks latte table was easily falling apart as well as a single section of myself as well as others believed the glass of wine could collapse in our eyes. I did not say much of this information during the time at her beach house. I went to the beach house as well as just admired the custom-made Starbucks latte table as well as admired the refurbished bookshelf that was sitting in the corner of the room. Now that old sofa is inside someone else’s man cave as well as my friend has decided to find something that will look a little bit nicer

Elegant furniture

Custom crafted furniture for beginners

When I was saving some currency to build my beach house, I began to look at some custom furniture right away.

  • When you build a nice home, you have some good freedom to create spaces that are actually to the exact size, shape, as well as even color that everyone can imagine.

From basic to certain, there are multiple ways to build the perfect beach house for the people I was with as well as myself. I have this associate as well as she has shown me some furniture dealers. She even told myself as well as others about some wild custom built furniture that can only be imagined. Some things look love they should belong on a set of a Hollywood movie. In beginning her afternoons of custom furniture, she made items love bar stools that would fit these counters and not be a typical size. You have to believe the beginning to build a house that nothing will be standard. A custom-built kitchen table will require custom-built kitchen chairs just too much. The custom-built vanity will also require a custom install as well as so on as well as someone. If you are the type of person that willing to Fork out a whole bunch of dollars, then custom-built pieces of furniture may not be right for you. The cost of the wood alone can range from an average piece to a seriously ridiculous amount of all currency. Most of the wood for custom furniture has been made from good quality logs as well as made to last for many years to come in the future.

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