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Plumber recommends HVAC repair; is HVAC tech, too

Sometimes you have to be careful about whose opinion you ask for. Recently, I unknowingly invested in some home repairs that probably put someone else’s kids through college, if not paying for their books. I made these decisions based entirely off of supposed professional opinion… Although it turned out to be unfortunately incestuous. You see, […]

We decided to get away from the city life

My wife and I just wanted to move to a new area to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We finally found a really nice home in a small town. Everything was great, except the HVAC system admittedly needed some work. So I figured we could easily just call the HVAC […]

Glad I made the decision to move on to a better job

I never had such a huge problem with my job until there was an issue with the climate control system. When people started complaining to the boss about the temperature control settings, he said that he would handle the problem. The thing is, he never did anything and the climate control system was becoming worse. […]

I need to get the A/C serviced before summer starts

I ended up with air conditioning bills that nearly broke the bank. I know that I’m going to need to get the central air conditioning in my house fixed sometime before the summer starts. Last year I made the terrible mistake of not having the air conditioning maintenance done before the summer started and then […]

HVAC repair to help office morale

Hoping a problem goes away or isn’t as big a deal as it appears is not the same as solving that problem. That method never works when it comes to acknowledging a situation exists and then resolving it. That’s why I am sort of kicking myself right now that I didn’t initiate the HVAC repair […]

New home gym gets its own HVAC

Yet, I still ran into the problem of it not being cool enough for me as I exercised. There isn’t a time that I can recall that I wasn’t interested in some sort of athletic pursuit. This is largely due to my parents signing me up for every sport under the sun to get me […]

HVAC maintenance is important

I don’t ko wif you realize how important HVAC maintenance is. I know that there are a lot of people that complain about how expensive their HVAC equipment is. Sure, if you are having a ton of problems with your HVAC units, then there is no doubt that you are probably paying a fortune for […]