I associate the color green with air conditioning

Birds are chirping, kids are outside riding bikes, and you can see the man bods proudly mowing their lawns without wearing shirts now that spring has arrived.

Sincerely, I’m not into it, but I applaud them nonetheless.

After a long winter, you can see the green of the leaves beginning to return. The color green is a sign that summer is approaching and that temperatures will rise. Summer is not my favorite season, but I adore spring and fall. Although I don’t particularly enjoy the beach, green always serves as a reminder that the beaches will soon be open. In actuality, I detest the oppressive heat. Green serves as a reminder that I don’t have much time left to contact an HVAC company to have a look at my cooling system. I am able to perform the minor maintenance of changing the air filters, but I always prefer an HVAC technician to make sure everything is ready for the summer. I don’t want to experience any of the heat. I work from home, which is a huge plus in my life because it means I don’t go out much in the summer unless it’s a family gathering. I frequently order takeout, and summer is when I gain the most weight. It’s a bit strange because you can usually find me out and about during the other seasons. No one else is interested, which is the issue. I am aware that it is strange, but it is the way I live. I only have a short window of time before summer arrives, after which I hibernate until fall.


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