The technology for air conditioners has increased over the years

I grew up in a major city where all the buildings were constructed in the early 1900s.

The buildings were all gorgeous and each of them on my block looked different from one another.

I loved living in the city because I had a bunch of friends that I hung out with outside during the warmer months. While being outside, you could tell what apartments and homes had air conditioners because you could see the A/Cs from all the windows. Surprisingly, there were less apartments with window A/Cs than the ones that had them. If you happened to be standing under one of those window A/Cs while it was on, guaranteed you’ll have water falling on top of your head. We were fortunate enough to have 2 window A/Cs in my house and although they kept us cool in the Summer months, they were noisy units that froze all the time. And they weren’t very aesthetically pleasing, they also blocked the window, and there were only two knobs to control the unit. Thankfully, the technology for window A/Cs have improved over the years. Many of the new units use remote control and there are more options for control as well as a built-in digital thermostat to increase comfort. And best of all, some manufacturers have even improved in design, so that the consumer has access to their windows. Of course, this makes those units more marketable to the consumers. While the technology for window A/Cs are not perfect, the units have improved a lot over the years and I assume that the manufacturers will continue to make these units more appealing to the consumers.

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