Representation in the HVAC industry

It’s so important to have representation within different industries.

There are certain industries that are dominated by men, while others are dominated by women. I work in the construction industry that is dominated by mostly men. In fact, I am one of the few women who work for the company. This dynamic can be seen in other places such as the HVAC industry. Of the 367,000 people employed within the industry less than 2% of them are women. So, it’s no wonder that the HVAC companies are attempting to increase that number and hire more women into the industry. Some companies are providing extra incentives for women to get their HVAC certifications. Additionally, some companies are reaching out to different schools as well as organizations in order to recruit more women into the HVAC industry. Also, trade schools are partnering with education programs to offer tuition reimbursement and incentive programs. While it will take a while to increase the representation for women in the HVAC industry, at least efforts are being made to rectify the problem. Of course, this isn’t an easy industry for women to enter, as many of them still face discrimination on the job. But there is so much money that could be made if more women worked for HVAC companies. While the starting salary is about $19/hr, the potential is there to work up the ladder to making 6 figures in a short amount of time. As for me, I love working within a male dominated industry and though it can be challenging, the experience is worth it and I am grateful that women are represented here.