I learned HVAC care from a maintenance man

When I was 21 years old and fresh out of college, I recall that I wanted to conquer life and everything in this world.

I was so sure that I was ready to start this new journey, and I was convinced that I had all the tools needed to guide me through.

Well, I was hit with so many roadblocks that I can’t even begin to count them all. And it was then I realized that I had a lot to learn. For instance, I purchased a used car and had no idea how to check the oil or even how to change a tire. I had to learn that from my boyfriend at the time. Similarly, I had no idea how to troubleshoot or maintain an HVAC system. I grew up with window A/Cs, so living in a townhouse with central A/C was new to me. I recall once that my A/C froze, and I had no idea why. I contacted maintenance when I realized that the unit was not cooling properly. When he checked the unit, he told me that it was frozen. Basically, it was low on refrigerant, and he was able to refill it to the correct levels after the unit defrosted. He asked about the last time I changed the air filter, and at that point, I didn’t know I needed to do that. Well, that day, the maintenance guy gave me a lesson in HVAC care. He said that I needed to change my filters every 90 days, I should clean my vents, and pour some form of declogging agent like vinegar down the drain pipe. If it wasn’t for that maintenance guy, I probably wouldn’t have known anything about A/C maintenance.

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